Why It’s Smart to Buy a Used Car

Why is buying a used car or truck a smart idea? Think of it this way: some people insist on buying brand new. They pay a lot of money for that privilege, don’t they? If a typical new vehicle costs $34,000, that’s a lot of money to spend on an item, right? But what if […]

How to Choose the Right Used Car Dealership for Your Needs

Selecting a Dealership

In life, there are some big deals, like falling in love with another person, getting married, buying a house and/or buying a car. In all these situations, you want what’s best for yourself, right? With regards to buying a car, how can you choose the right dealership for your needs? Generally, there are five main […]

How Are Used Cars Priced?

Used Car Prices

How are used cars priced? Like real estate, the used car market follows the rules of supply and demand. When a certain vehicle is in short supply but high demand, the price goes up. If there are plenty of them around and demand isn’t that high for them, the price goes down. Market Trends Dealers […]

Why Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller is Risky

Buying a Used Car

One lady wanted a used car for her 16-year-old son to use to get to work and back. So she saw that her neighbor across the street had a “for sale” sign on his old Pontiac Grand Prix. After some negotiations, the lady bought it for just $600– a bargain, right? It didn’t turn out […]

The Demographics of Car Brands

Car Brands

Some people just seem to “fit” the kind of car, truck, SUV or minivan they drive, don’t they? Indeed, certain brands and styles appeal to certain people. At 443 Auto Sales, we sell a variety of brands. Who are the “average” buyers of certain brands? If you go to this site, you’ll discover some interesting […]

Just Bought Your First Car? Here’s How You Can Extend Its Life

One of life’s big accomplishments is owning your first car. It’s the kind of thing that often takes time, energy and work to make happen– something you’ve saved for and ultimately want to take good care of, since it’s almost like having a baby in the family. What are some tips for taking care of […]

Common Car Care Myths

Car Myths

Although there is a great deal of information available to consumers about their vehicles, there is also a bunch of misinformation . What are some current car care myths? Oil Changes Prevalence For the longest time, people assumed you had to change the oil every 3,000 miles. And for a long time, that was true. […]

Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Junking a Car

Some people like keeping their vehicle ‘til it’s “on its last leg.” That said, when is a good time to “junk” your car or truck? If you’ve had the vehicle for what seems like forever, and you take it to a mechanic who tells you it needs costly repairs, it might not be worth fixing […]

Things to Remember When Going for a Test Drive

Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a Test Drive

What are some things to remember when test driving a vehicle? Size It Up First, pick out vehicles that “fit your size” well. A tiny car doesn’t make the most sense for a man who is over six feet tall and weighs more than 250 pounds. You’ll want to choose a vehicle that accommodates your […]

What Can You Do to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Brakes?

What are some tips for dealing with your vehicle’s brakes and keeping them in great shape? Letting Your Car Coast First, did you know that stopping a vehicle going 65 miles per hour rather than 55 makes your brakes use a third more energy? Stopping at higher speeds makes your brakes work harder, so if […]

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