Why Buying a Used Car is Better For the Environment Than Hybrids

A lot of people have bought brand new hybrid cars (that use both gas and electricity for power) in recent years because they assume they’re good for the environment. However, you might want to think about this: buying a used car instead of a hybrid might actually be better for the environment!


So what’s the deal? Consider fuel efficiency. Some older cars actually have better fuel efficiency than modern hybrid cars. You can do the research and discover that some vehicles from the 1990s and 2000s are actually more fuel efficient than new ones made in 2021. Furthermore, when you buy a used vehicle, you’ll use it until it’s no longer usable, thus getting the most of it, which helps reduce its environmental impact.


You see, used cars already exist, whereas new hybrids have to be manufactured. They’re made in factories which create dirty water, chemicals, poisons, etc. The carbon footprint of a hybrid factory is huge– do we really need all these new hybrids when there are already plenty of used cars on the market?


What about hybrid batteries? Are they good for the environment? To make hybrid batteries, nickel has to be mined and smelted. It can contaminate the air, water and soil when it’s mined and smelted, causing ecological damage. When the batteries die, do they get properly recycled? Perhaps not. So, hybrid batteries aren’t “that great” for the environment.

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