How to Find the Right Used Car in a Sellers’ Market

If you drive by some car lots these days, you might notice they don’t have the inventory they’d usually have, and that’s because supply chain issues are messing with inventories all over the country, and the world!

How do you find the right used vehicle in this sellers’ market?

Determine Your Needs

First, make a list of your needs. Sure, you might have several wants, but needs take precedence these days when inventories are low. Know what you need before you start your search for a used vehicle.

Next, do research to find out what people are really paying for cars these days. Ask around and see what friends and family tell you. Look at newspaper ads. Visit dealerships and take notes about their various models and prices. After you’ve done some research to get a feel for car prices in 2021, then set a budget such that you’ll know you can afford a particular vehicle that you might be interested in. Setting the budget can help narrow down choices.

Patience is Key

Also, if you’re not ready to purchase a used vehicle, look into leasing one. If you can get a used vehicle for a low monthly payment, and it suits your needs, that’s great!

Finally, have patience because it’s a difficult time in many industries, including car sales. Rather than get mad at sales people, do your best to work with them in a kind and patient manner so they can help find you the vehicle that works out well in the end.

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