How Do You Know If a Used Car is Any Good?

How do you know if a used car is any good? There are several things to consider when buying a used car.

Look At the Past

For starters, you can check a vehicle’s history by using its VIN (vehicle identification number) through a service like CARFAX in order to find out if the vehicle has been in an accident, has been recalled or if there are any liens on it.

External Damage

Next, you and/or your mechanic can take a detailed look at the vehicle and search for signs of rust or paint damage. Check the frame. Look under the hood. What condition are the tires in? Do you see any fluids leaking underneath the vehicle?


Inside the vehicle, take a look at the mileage– does it seem too high? Do the buttons/electronics work? When you turn on the AC/heat do you get what you’d expect or not? How’s the upholstery? Are there rips or stains or cracks?

Test It Out First

Also, consider taking a vehicle for a test drive to see how it handles in “real life.” Does it pull to one side? Does it make funky noises? How is it on a highway? Is it easy to parallel park?

If possible, have your mechanic professionally inspect the vehicle to see what they think of it.


Meanwhile, you can do some online research to see what other people think of the vehicle you have in mind to buy. You can see online reviews often showing the pros and cons of certain cars and trucks. You can also find out what vehicles are popular and which ones are best avoided.

Finally, you can ask family and friends for their opinion. Oftentimes, people will tell you which vehicles they absolutely love and which they absolutely hate. They’ll give you all sorts of reasons, too… You want to choose a used car or truck that has a good reputation among people, right? It definitely makes life easier when you choose a vehicle that has a good reputation.

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