What Should You Do After Buying a Used Car?

When you buy a vehicle from a dealership instead of a private seller, many things are taken care of for you. So, in Lehighton, PA, it’s worth a visit to 443 Auto Sales at 2848 Blakeslee Boulevard.

If You Buy From a Private Seller, Do These Things 

Now, if you’d rather buy from a private seller, there are certain things you’ll need to take care of yourself. What are some of those things? When you buy a vehicle from a private seller, it’s recommended that you get the oil (and oil filter) changed. Additionally, flush the cooling system and change any “bad” hoses while the system is empty. You should also replace the brake fluid in order to minimize fluid boil and harmful corrosion.

Today’s batteries aren’t as strong as the ones from the old days, so you might want to swap the current battery for a brand new one since you’re acquiring the vehicle. Do this especially if the current battery is more than 4-years-old. Meanwhile, check all the filters, including the cabin air filter which is probably quite dirty. Change the transmission fluid, too, and check all the tires to make sure they’re not too worn. You might need to adjust air pressure and/or get an alignment done. As you can see, a lot of things need to be checked on a vehicle, especially when it changes owners.

Most people would rather someone else “do the work,” right? Therefore, it makes sense to buy a used vehicle from a dealership who will handle a lot of the “nitty gritty” work that would otherwise fall on the buyer.

Eliminate stress, headaches and problems by buying a vehicle from a dealer like 443 Auto Sales in Lehighton, PA. For more info, please call 570-386-0443. 443 Auto Sales is a “buy here pay here” dealership; For info on financing, see here.