Right Now is a Great Time to Buy a Used Vehicle

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Are you thinking about buying a used car? If so, right now could be an opportune time to do so. As awful as the pandemic has been, it has also created favorable interest rate conditions for those in need of a loan, making it a great time to buy a reliable vehicle. Here are 3 […]

Is Mileage the “End All Be All” When Buying a Used Vehicle?

Car Mileage

Is mileage the end all be all when buying a used vehicle? Typically, the number on a vehicle’s odometer is one of the first things a car buyer checks. Is a vehicle’s life determined by that number? Not necessarily. One of Many Variables  Mileage is one thing you should look at when considering a vehicle’s […]

How Big a Factor Should Mileage Be When You’re Buying a Used Car?

Car Mileage

When people are thinking about buying a used car, one of the first questions they’ll usually ask is: “So, how many miles are on it?” They’re often scared off by cars that have what they perceive to be too many miles on them. You should carefully consider the mileage on a used car before buying […]

Should You Care More About Age or Mileage When Buying a Used Vehicle?

Car Mileage

When used car shopping, certain people are very particular about what they want… for instance, if there’s a certain body shape/style for a certain year that later gets changed, they’re willing to get the “older” version specifically to get “the look” they want for that vehicle. Which is more important when buying a used vehicle– […]

Here’s How You Can Get The Most Miles Possible Out of Your Car

In the old days, a car that made it to 200,000 miles was a rarity, but today it’s very possible and probable thanks to industry/technological improvements. What are some ways to ensure your vehicle gets the most miles possible? Tips to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Miles Output For starters, check research to figure out which models […]

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Is 200,000 Miles the 100,000 Miles?

It used to be that if you knew someone with a car with more than 200,000 miles on it that was a rare thing. Today, however, cars are being made to last longer on the roads, such that 200,000 miles is like the new 100,000 miles. In other words, if hitting 100,000 miles used to […]

How Many Miles Should You Get Out of Your Car

First time car buyers always want to know how many miles they can expect to get out of a car, especially if they are buying used. While there is not chart or recommended regulation to gain guidance from, there is one essential factor that every car owner should understand: you get out of the car […]