Is Mileage the “End All Be All” When Buying a Used Vehicle?

Is mileage the end all be all when buying a used vehicle? Typically, the number on a vehicle’s odometer is one of the first things a car buyer checks. Is a vehicle’s life determined by that number? Not necessarily.

One of Many Variables 

Mileage is one thing you should look at when considering a vehicle’s overall condition, but it’s not the only thing. Not all miles are the same… For instance, a vehicle might have 50,000 miles on it, but has been poorly treated by its owner and not well maintained, whereas a vehicle with 90,000 miles might be in immaculate condition thanks to great care by its previous owner.

How Many is Too Many?

Will most people likely choose a vehicle with “the lowest mileage possible” when looking for a used car or truck? Probably. But people need to keep in mind that mileage is different today than it was in the past. Decades ago, you were lucky if your vehicle made it to 100,000 miles. These days, though, thanks to advancements in manufacturing and technology, some vehicles can easily go 200,000 to 300,000 miles before they’re ready for the junkyard! Basically, today’s vehicles have been built to last longer than ever.

Maintenance is Key!

So when it comes to mileage, what’s important? It’s all about the maintenance of a vehicle! Has it been maintained like the owner’s manual suggests– on time and truly maintained? Or has the previous owner driven it without ever having it serviced, except for an occasional oil change? Proper maintenance involves more than just oil changes. When looking at a used car to buy, it’s a good thing to know if the tires were regularly rotated and whether or not fluids were changed up/maintained. If a vehicle has low mileage, but is “older,” then perhaps it sat in the driveway or garage a lot, and may have rust issues or other problems from lack of use.

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, take a look at mileage as well as maintenance records and how the vehicle was used– all these factors matter when it comes to how “good” a used vehicle it is.

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