How Buying a Used Car Affects Your Credit Score

Couple Checking Credit School

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Can doing so help build your credit score? Perhaps. When you take out a loan to help purchase a used car, two things can happen… First, there’s usually a “hard inquiry” added to your credit report. This could temporarily lower your credit score by a few points. […]

3 Ways to Save Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

Credit Application for a Used Car

Look, we all get in financial pickles, and sometimes the predicament we’re in so great that it destroys our credit. Is the system fair? No, probably not. But it is what we have, and if you have bad credit and need to purchase things such as a used car, there are still things you can […]

The Differences Between Cosigners and Co-buyers in Car Loans

Cosigner Vs Co-buyer

Are you thinking of taking out a car loan? You might want to find a co-buyer (also known as a co-borrower) or a cosigner. Their financial help can strengthen your loan application. A Co-Buyer For a Vehicle Purchase A co-buyer is literally buying the car with you. That means they get the benefits and responsibilities […]

Here’s How a Used Car Dealer Can Help Your Credit

443 Auto Sales in Lehighton, PA, is a “buy here pay here” car dealer. Did you know that “buy here pay here” can help your credit situation? How a Used Car Dealership Can Help Your Credit   Buy here pay here dealerships make sense for people who have no credit or even bad credit. In […]

How is a Credit Score Calculated?

If you’re thinking of making a big purchase, such as a home or vehicle, it’s a good thing to know your credit score.   In theory, a credit score tells banks and lenders how you deal with money. Are you creditworthy? Do you pay your bills in full, on time? A high credit score means […]