What Does a Dealership Provide You After Purchasing a Used Vehicle?

What will a dealership give you after purchasing a used car?

As with most things, there will be paperwork and documents.


For starters, you’ll get the title to the vehicle. The title proves you own the vehicle. You need to take the title to your local state agency in order to register the vehicle. The agency signs the title over to you, and then you physically sign it. On the title, there’ll be your signature as well as the odometer reading for the vehicle you bought. Typically, the car dealership will help prepare the document and sign it over to you.

Bill of Sale

Next there’s the bill of sale, which you can consider to be a receipt for purchasing the vehicle. On the bill of sale there’ll be listed the price, seller’s name and buyer’s name, as well as details/terms of the sale. The bill of sale needs to be provided when you register the vehicle in your name. Typically, the state agency will utilize the bill of sale to figure out the sales tax (if applicable) using the document.

Depending on the state, other documentation can be involved, including a damage disclosure statement. 

Temporary Tags

Finally, expect a car dealership to put temporary tags on the vehicle that should be good for 30 days. This is a grace period to give you time to do the paperwork and such, registering the vehicle in your name with your state of residence. Besides the tag, you’re going to get a piece of paper that indicates you’ve got a temporary 30-day registration on the vehicle, which you might need should you get pulled over by police. 

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