Top 3 Selling Cars of 2012

With 2013 rapidly approaching, today feels like a good time to examine America’s top selling vehicles of 2012.  Exploring the top selling cars could provide us with a nice foreshadow of what to expect from automakers in the years to come.  Please keep in mind that these figures come via the Los Angeles Times and are not yet final, as the final figures have yet to come in.

1)      Toyota’s Camry.  The Camry has had steady sales throughout the calendar year, and has been one, if not the top selling sedan in America since 1997.  Consumers are enthralled by the car’s dependability, appealing fashion and a quality mpg rate.

2)      Chevrolet Silverado.  Chevy’s central model, the Silverado had another strong calendar year.  The truck can serve a variety of consumer needs, including serving as a family car, an ideal camping vehicle or a truck that can transport just about anything.  Chevrolet markets the truck as the Silverado owner being a person that we all know; the person who is willing to you pick, help you move or volunteer to drive on a long trip.  “Silverado guy” has become extremely popular in America, and there are a myriad of Silverado devotees, for a good reason.

3)      Honda Civic.  Honda utilized a bevy of special promotions to help boost sales and liquidate their 2012 model, in order to clear room for the 2013 model.  Some in the industry have already forecasted the 2013 Honda Civic to be the North American Car of the year after numerous changes were made.

What was your favorite car of 2012?  Please share with us in the comments section!

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