Tips for Maintaining Your Car During the Winter Months

How to Keep Care of Your Car In WinterWinter is rough on people and cars. When there is snow, ice, wind and other harsh weather conditions to deal with, it can get frustrating for all.


Just like you need to take good care of yourself in the winter, wearing a proper coat and eating well, your vehicle needs proper care, too.


Ideally, your vehicle needs a good cleaning now and then, especially in the winter when road salt is attempting to corrode its underside. Taking your vehicle to a place where it can receive a high-powered wash is a good way to keep it clean in the winter.


If possible, a vehicle’s outside finish should be protected by synthetic wax or sealant to help it battle winter weather well.


The inside of a vehicle in winter is often very dry, which takes moisture out of the leather and/or vinyl. Treating the interior with conditioners is, therefore, a good idea.


Windshield wipers are vital in the winter. If it has been a long time since you’ve had yours replaced, don’t hesitate to do so. There’s nothing worse than driving through a winter storm and not being able to see out the front window, covered with relentless snow and ice.


Under the hood, check your battery to make sure the terminals and posts aren’t corroded. The terminals should be tight and it doesn’t hurt to spray them with a lubricating protectant.


Also check fluid levels, paying attention to the antifreeze, which may need to be flushed and refilled if it’s old. And, of course, ask yourself this: has the oil and filter been changed recently or am I due/overdue?


Finally, take a look at your tires– are they low/under-inflated? It might be time to add air.


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