Tips For Driving in the Snow

December 21, 2012 marked the day that most people were dreading, the first day of winter. This season brings a lot of beautiful scenery of crisp white snow covering the ground, but it also brings headaches and panic attacks for drivers.


With a few simple tips, you can be driving safely on snow and ice covered roads in both SUVs and cars. Even if your vehicle has four wheel and front wheel drive, you still need to take extra precaution on the road.


First things first, check that your car has plenty of gas to get from point A to point B. Also, make sure your oil change is up to date and that your tires have enough air. Routine maintenance proves to be very important to ensure safety while driving.


Additional tips:


Number one rule when driving on sleet covered roads is to drive slow.


Leave plenty of room between you and the other cars. When it’s time to break, you have the room between vehicles to do so without causing an accident.


When you find your tires sliding on the ice, tap the breaks gently rather than slamming down, this will allow the tires to grip the road instead of sliding even more.


Make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid to ensure visibility.


Drive in low gears to keep tire traction and avoid sliding.


Take your time go over bridges, keep your foot on the break while descending downward.


The above tips consist of worthwhile information to protect yourself and the lives of other drivers on the road when the weather is difficult. Pleas be cautious and pay close attention to your speed when driving during the winter months and all throughout the year. Happy New Year and safe driving!