The Steps to Take When Buying a Used Car

443 Auto Sales is the place to find a great used car or truck in Lehighton, PA. That said, what are some of the steps involved in purchasing a used vehicle?

Set a Budget 

First, consider your budget. What can you afford right now? Look at your bank account, think about your income, and then decide on a price range that makes the most sense. You might also want to do some research about various vehicles you have in mind to buy– what are their repair costs? How reliable are they? It’s a good idea to not only think of the purchase price, but also how much it costs to insure and maintain a particular vehicle in the years to come. An average person might say, “Well, I can afford a vehicle that costs between $12,000 and $16,000.” Then they look for options that fit that bill. You can also look for affordable car financing, since there are many programs available to help you buy the car you’d like. 

Proper Research and Test Drives 

Finding the right used car can involve looking online, visiting dealerships in person, taking test drives, and, when you do find one you really like, having your mechanic “check it over” for you.  If and when you find a model you’re interested in, the next step is to research it in order to find out as much info about it as you can. You’ll want to consider the big picture– does this vehicle have a good overall rating from previous owners– as well as the details specific to the vehicle you’re interested in– was it ever in an accident, flood, fire, etc. If possible, get a detailed vehicle history report for the car or truck you’re seriously interested in… these are available from or possibly from dealers.

Finding the Right Look and Fair 

Since you’re going to spend a lot of time in your vehicle, you should like how it looks and feels. Is it easy to get in and out of? Can it carry things you’ll need to pack in there, such as groceries, a bicycle, strollers, sleeping bags, and more? Will it cost a lot to fill up the tank or is it economical? Do you feel safe in it? As mentioned before, you might want to have an independent mechanic (whom you trust) inspect it to make sure it’s running well and doesn’t have any problems that aren’t easily seen or noticed. 

Finally, when buying a used car, you may have to negotiate on price. Once you and the seller agree, there’s paperwork involved, and final details like insurance, getting a license plate for it, etc. That’s why shopping at a buy here, pay here dealership can be a huge convenience

If you need help with the process of buying a used car, 443 Auto Sales can assist– please call 570-386-0443 for info.