The Splendid Memories of Your First Vehicle

New CarI want you to close your eyes for a minute and think back to your high school days. Yes, all the way back then. Do you remember your first car? Do you remember what an absolute piece of garbage it was? If you’re like me you remember all of those terrible things about your first car but I also wish I’d never gotten rid of “her”.


If you’re like most, you’re first car was a means to freedom from your parents and the beginning of your adulthood. Unless you were blessed, your first car probably had a slew of mechanical issues, and was uglier than homemade sin. Still there was something about your first car that made you two inseparable.


Think of all the memories in your first car. The first time you drove to school and didn’t have to walk or take the bus. Even if you lived a quarter mile away you were still going to drive. Perhaps the first time you kissed your boyfriend or girlfriend was in that ride. Maybe you had your first car accident in that car. As long as it didn’t kill either one of you it only made the bond stronger.


At one point you may have even named your car. A privilege that I believe has to be earned by a car. Mine was named Alice. Please comment below and tell us what your first car’s name was.


It didn’t matter how much the car cost, how good the gas mileage was or in most cases even how safe it was, that was your first car and the best!


One of the best parts of working at a car dealership is helping clients find their first ever a vehicle; a car or truck or SUV that they will forever cherish and remember. If you need help finding your first car in Lehighton, PA, then please be sure to stop by 443 Auto Sales.