The Importance of Taking a Test Drive

Test DriveSince buying a vehicle is a big purchase in life, it makes sense to take various vehicles for test drives before deciding on “the one” to ultimately spend money on, right?

Whether you take a test drive for that “new car smell” or to see how it handles on the highway, one thing’s for sure: a test drive is a great way to experience an unfamiliar vehicle in a very real way. If you had a previous model of the same car or truck, perhaps the newer version has changed quite a bit… or perhaps not. How will you know if you never get in and take it for a spin?

When you take a test drive you get to experience how a vehicle performs. It’s a chance to test the drivetrain, steering, suspension and brakes. A good 30 minute drive in various conditions makes sense. You want to see how the ride goes– is it comfortable or not? How does it handle bumps in the road? Is the ride too stiff for your liking? Does the acceleration match your needs? In other words, if you’re on a highway and step on the gas, does the vehicle do a fine job of passing other cars– or not?

A test drive is a smart way to get a feel for how a car handles. Try parking it in a normal parking space, followed by parallel parking on a street. Does the cruise control work nicely? Is the engine sluggish or strong? Do you have enough room in the driver’s seat or is it too cramped?

Finally, listen to the vehicle while test driving it. Some engines roar while others seem strangely silent. Try driving with windows closed versus windows open and see how the wind noise sounds. Do you notice any whistling? If so, there could be awkward leaks somewhere such as around the sunroof trim.

If you get a chance, take test drives both during the day and at night. It’s interesting to see how a vehicle operates when it’s dark outside.

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