Suzuki Pulls the Plug on U.S. Car Sales


Suzuki announced yesterday it will stop selling cars in the United States.  The American branch of the Japanese company (American Suzuki Motor Corporation) will be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in California.  Experts have observed that poor exchange rates for the yen and a limited selection of diminutive cars have hurt their sales in America.  Simply, Suzuki was unable to find its niche in the ultra competitive United States car market and did not have the funds to create a successful marketing campaign to draw attention to their cars.


However, Suzuki still plans to sell motorcycles, ATVs and marine products.  They plan on focusing all of their attention and are “firmly committed” to enhancing and marketing those products.

How does it affect consumers who own a Suzuki automobile?


Consumers who purchased a Suzuki car, truck or SUV do not need to worry about the announcement affecting their purchase.  As part of their press release, American Suzuki mentioned that it will honor all warranties.  Also, automotive parts and services will not be affected by the company’s new course of action.  This is great news for Suzuki owners, as they can proceed with their original plans for their car.  However, they sadly will not be able to look forward to new models, new technologies and new innovations from a company whose product they thoroughly enjoy.   Some say Suzuki automobiles had a certain “cult following,” and it is disheartening that those people will have to find a new brand to trust the next time they want a new car.