Red Flags to Look For on a Used Vehicle’s History Report

A used vehicle’s history report can tell you a lot about the vehicle you intend to buy. What are some “red flags” to look for, that might warn you to steer clear of a certain vehicle? 

If a vehicle has had a lot of owners already, then you might want to ask yourself, “Why?” Could it be that the vehicle went from owner to owner because no one was happy with it? And if it has had several owners, did they take proper care of it? Probably not.

Does the history report share that the vehicle was damaged? If it endured structural damage, that’s a red flag. You should also be wary if the vehicle was ever reported stolen, because God only knows what thieves did to it. 

If a used vehicle has a “salvage title,” that could be a red flag. A salvage title means that an insurance company determined that the vehicle wasn’t economically viable to repair and declared it a total loss! 

Check for any recalls to the vehicle you intend to buy. Then ask yourself, “Has the recall been dealt with, or not?” Because, if not, you, the new owner, would probably have to deal with it. 

Other red flags include liens, spotty service records, missing registrations, emissions-test failures, and whether or not the vehicle spent a lot of time in snow or saltwater air. You also don’t want to buy a used vehicle that was in a flood, if you can avoid it. 

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