Popular Assumptions of Car Brands

443 Auto Sales of Lehighton, PA, knows that choosing a car is one of life’s biggest and most important decisions.  Most people want the same features in cars; they want dependability, comfort and style.  Plus, the vehicle we choose is often considered as an extension of our personality, making the decision even more intriguing.  Below is a (non-scientific) list of how certain brands are often perceived by other drivers.


Mercedes-Benz automobiles and Cadillac’s are often associated with people who aren’t afraid to spend on quality, as they are renowned for being advanced, fashionable and classy.


Subaru is associated with outdoorsy types who spend time in the mountains and snow and want reliable transportation with great traction for when the weather’s bad, or they have to go off-road.


Volkswagen’s are often a popular choice for creative people or outside the box thinkers.


Ford, with its rich history, is patriotic, American, sensible and dependable.  The blue Ford logo is still one of the most appealing logos, and it is recognized worldwide.


Chevy’s a lot like Ford.  There is tremendous history and sentimental value associated with Chevrolet, as evidenced in the most recent season of the hit TV show Mad Men.  Their vehicles are often family friendly and reliable.  One of their most popular models, the Silverado truck is especially beloved for its quality and dependability.


Hummer says you’re tough, and not afraid to stick out.


Lincolns are often luxury vehicles, and could indicate you appreciate a spacious vehicle that is also remarkably comfortable.


BMWs are often smaller, showing you are willing to sacrifice size for style and performance.


GMC means you work hard for your money and you don’t mind helping friends move their couches and other supplies.


Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan are “foreign” brands that have become extremely popular in America,  are often the choice of people who prioritize consistency first.


Buick and Chrysler are two American cars that exude class and style.  And as the Chrysler commercials state, they are “imported from Detroit.”



You have a lot of choices when shopping for a vehicle at 443 Auto Sales. When you take a look around, you’ll likely be attracted to certain vehicles to fit your demographic.  That’s normal, but keep in mind to choose whichever car you like best!   Good luck in your search!