Is This Car Right For Me?

There are tons of cars for sale “out there.” But how do you know if a particular car is right for you?

Consider what you think you want. Some people care most about reliability while others “just want it to look good.” Do you want a noisy or quiet car? Should it be easy to get in and out of, as well as “good on gas?” Do you need lots of cargo space to haul various things like hockey sticks, furniture or bags of clothing?

Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when considering a car…

Number of Passengers

First, how many people will you be driving around town, in general? If you know your nieces visit often and their mom leaves them with you, you’re going to need a car with four doors. If you’ve got several kids in your life, you might consider a minivan or a three-row SUV.

Don’t Forget the Cargo

Next, think about how much cargo you’d carry– and where you’d put it! For some who carry heavy loads of dirty machinery and tools, a pickup truck makes more sense than, say, a VW Beetle. If you’re the grocery getter in the family, a tiny sports car might not make sense. Oftentimes people will buy something bigger than they think they need– and the extra space comes in handy. It’s better to get more space than less no matter what vehicle you buy, if and when you carry various cargo.

Automatic or Manual

Also, are you an automatic or manual transmission kind of person? Most modern cars are automatics. But some people love having the manual stick shift to make driving more “fun.”  

Style and Preferences

Finally, think about your driving style. Do you do a lot of long hauls and might like to sleep in your vehicle once in a while? You’re going to need one that accommodates your body lying down. Or maybe you live in a crowded city where parking is on the street and you’d prefer a tiny car that doesn’t take up much space, is easy to maneuver, and is great on gas. Where you live, what you’re surrounded by, and how often/where you drive are all factors affecting the choice of car (or truck) you buy for yourself.

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