How to Prevent Used Cars from Rusting

If you were alive in the 1970s, you might remember cars rusting to the point where they looked terrible! People used to use the term “rust bucket” to refer to particularly rusted out cars. These days, however, vehicles have been made with different materials that don’t rust too much– that said, there are still models that develop some rust, such as certain minivans.

Ways to Prevent Rusting 

So, if you buy a used car and you want to protect it from rusting, what can you do? Keep in mind that rust is typically caused by too much moisture thanks to continual exposure to rain or snow. Rust also occurs due to old age or because the vehicle is not properly covered when not in use during harsh weather.

If you wash your car or truck at least once every two weeks during the year, this can help protect your vehicle from rusting, since too much dirt on a vehicle can make rust accumulate faster. And in the winter, when roads get salted, take your vehicle to a car wash once a week to clean the salt off your vehicle! If you have a garage, store your vehicle in the garage to protect it from the elements.

Did you know there’s such a thing as “ceramic coating” for vehicles these days? It’s a liquid polymer applied to the paint that helps protect your vehicle from rust and other things. There’s also “anti-rust” spray you can wash your car with, too.

Finally, keep your vehicle’s interior dry as best you can. Ideally, keep the whole vehicle as dry as possible, since lingering moisture can lead to rust.

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