How to Prevent Rust on Your Car

Rusty CarIf there is one thing that’s more unappealing and dainty than a dirty car, it’s a vehicle that is rusted all over. Rust is one of the worst situations that can happen to your car. Not only does it mean that the vehicle is wearing away, but it makes your prized possession look beaten, tattered and aged. Have no fear though, because there are ways in which you can prevent rusting from ever happening to your own set of wheels.


First and foremost, you should wash your car and keep it clean at least every two weeks. If you’re accumulating a lot of salt build up from the roads, then it might be wise to clean it every week instead. Alongside the wash, you should also wax and finish your car once every four months to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Protection from rust doesn’t just have to do with keeping the outside of your car clean, but the inside as well. Clean up any spills, which can actually cause the start of rust from the inside out.


Make sure that you clean out all the crevices on your car, including thoroughly underneath the wheel wells where a lot of salt buildup can happen. If you find yourself living in an area where a lot of salt can accumulate on your car, investing in a rust-preventing spray might be the perfect protective measure for you. One final key to keeping rust off of your car is to continually check and inspect your vehicle thoroughly. The three main places to keep an eye on are the engine,, the trunk and the undercarriage or external painted parts. Doing this will certainly ensure that your vehicle will stay looking clean, fresh and brand spanking new.