How to Boost Your Car’s Trade in Value

Are you thinking about trading in your current vehicle for a better used model? If so, what are some of the things you can do to increase the trade in value of your current model?

Find the Market Value of Your Car

To figure out what the actual market value of your vehicle is you should research it’s “blue book value” at a site like this one.  It’s vital to research what your vehicle is worth, but keep in mind, these are estimates based on all sorts of variables. Be honest when inputting data about your vehicle; you don’t want a misleading estimate of your car by saying it’s in “good” condition if it has rust or other serious issues. You want a real, accurate idea of what it’s worth so you can make an informed decision about whether you think a trade in offer is best or if you should try to sell it privately.

Trading In May Not Be Your Best Option

Used car dealerships must factor in all sorts of factors when deciding whether or not to not accept in a trade in. After all, their reputation is at stake, and they must sell vehicles that A) they think are safe and marketable to their customers and B) must be able to obtain it at a price that is sensible for the work they have to put into and the overhead expenses they must cover. As such, you may be disappointed by the offer you receive, if you receive one. Nevertheless, the advantage of trading in is you don’t have to deal with mountains of bureaucratic paperwork and the hassle that comes from trying to sell it privately; the dealership will take care of everything for you, making it a more than equal trade off for many vehicle owners.

Don’t Allow the Trade In to Affect The Car Buying Process

Ultimately, you should go after the vehicle you really love that suits your needs and budget. The last thing you want is to settle for a car that isn’t right for you simply because that dealership offered you a better trade in price. Put simply, it’s best to separate the trade in or selling of your vehicle away from your vehicle purchase. 

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