How Are Blue Book Prices Calculated?

When people are looking to buy a used car, they often consult the “blue book,” which is Kelley’s Blue Book– now found online at


The Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is a reference for those who want to buy used cars, but aren’t too sure what the price should be. KBB does the work for you– figuring out various prices to help give you an idea of what a car or truck is worth based on a number of factors, including its age, make, model and options.


The KBB “used car fair purchase price” is based on actual used car transactions in recent times, and is adjusted as market conditions change. The fair purchase price is equivalent to what people are typically paying for a used car with typical mileage in good condition or better.


KBB also gives a “used car fair market range” so you can see the range of prices people pay for a vehicle with selected options and the “suggested retail price,” which is the price dealers typically ask for the vehicle assuming it has a clean title history. Dealers’ prices take into account their profit, costs for advertising, and sales commissions.


If you want to know what a vehicle would cost if sold by an individual, you can check the “private party values,” and if you want to trade-in a car or truck toward purchasing another, you can check the “trade-in values.”


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