Buying Tips for Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Are you planning on buying a used vehicle? What are some things to keep in mind? 

Proper Research 

Ideally, start your search for a used vehicle before you really need one. This will give you time to do some research and see what your options are, rather than having to rush into buying a vehicle within the span of a day or two. It’s a good idea to look online and type in queries like “used car rankings” or “affordable financing options.” What’s your budget? How much do you want to spend? How much can you afford to spend?

Holiday Buying 

It’s often said that buying cars around certain holidays is a good idea. This is true, especially around Veteran’s Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. Avoid holidays when families gather together, though, because most salespeople will likely be home with their families on those days. 

Quota Pressures 

Have you heard that it’s smart to wait ‘til the end of the month, quarter or year to buy a used car? This is also true! Salespeople have quotas to meet, and they’re eager to fulfill their quotas. They might work harder to get a sale if they’re near a deadline, and they might offer larger discounts or some “extras” to “sweeten the deal.” Also, in the week following the last day of the month, expect more cars on the lot since people have recently turned in trade-ins and lease returns. 

Weather Patterns 

Shop for used cars on good weather days… and this way you can see what they really look like when they’re not, for instance, covered with snow. Look for any dents or scratches that bother you, to the point where you could ask for the dealer to knock some money off the price because of the imperfections. 

Time of Year

Now, what season of the year is best to buy a used car? Demand and prices tend to be lowest in the winter, precisely because the weather is cold and snowy outside. So, if you can find a decent winter day when it’s not too cold or snowy outside, then visit a dealer and see what you find. They might be eager to give you a good deal if sales have been slow. 

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