A Checklist to Follow Before Buying a Used Car

Okay, so you have it in your mind that you’re going to buy a used car. Now what?

Do Your Homework

First, you’ll want to do some research about different vehicles to see what others are saying about them. Narrow down your choices by reading reviews and checking prices. For instance, you can do an online search about a 2014 Subaru Outback to find out the average sales price as well as its crash test score and safety rating. Obviously, you’ll have a budget to work with, so it makes sense to choose a car or truck that fits within your budget at this time.

Research Recalls

Next, once you’ve settled on a vehicle or two that you know you like and might want to buy, check to see if it has been recalled for any reason. You can check with the National Highway Traffic Administration’s “database of recalls” for information.

Vehicle Report History

If you have a certain vehicle in mind to buy and you want to know more about it, specifically, you can use its vehicle identification number to run a vehicle history report using Carfax. This report can be helpful. It’ll indicate whether or not the vehicle was in an accident or had flood damage. Furthermore, it’ll tell if the odometer has been rolled back or if it has a salvage title (which means the insurance company declared it a total loss at one time).

Look Beyond Normal Wear and Tear

Besides doing research, once you’re in the presence of the actual vehicle, inspect it for yourself. Look for rust, signs of wear, tire tread depth, and anything else that might concern you. If possible, ask the owner to see the vehicle’s title and service records, which will give you an idea of how well cared for it was, or wasn’t… Ask the owner various questions, as you can learn a lot about a vehicle from them.

Test Drive

When buying a used car, it should be taken for a test drive on both local roads and a nearby highway to see how it handles. Are there any rattles, squeaks or weird noises? Does it smell “funny?” Is it comfortable to sit in and drive? How does it compare to your current ride?


Finally, once you’ve decided for yourself that you would like to buy a used vehicle, have a mechanic do a “pre-purchase” inspection. And if there’s a warranty that can be transferred to you, that’s a bonus.

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