Why You Should Test Drive Before Buying a Used Car

June 12th, 2019 443 Auto Sales
Test Driving Used Cars

You should take a test drive before buying a car. How else will you know how it handles on the road if you don’t test it out for yourself?

The Benefits of Taking a Test Drive

Taking a test drive is a great way to test how a vehicle you’re interested in handles on all sorts of roads, including highways. For instance, say you’re the kind of person who likes to pass others on the highway. Some vehicles are stronger than others in this aspect. When you press down on the accelerator, does it have a lot of “kick/pep?” Or does it “take a while to get up to speed?” How does the vehicle handle braking (hard or soft?), as well as curves (do you feel like you’ll tip over in the wind?) and even something simple like parking spaces (does it fit easily, or not?)

One of the smartest things to do on a test drive is to take the vehicle home and see how well it fits in your garage and/or parking area. Imagine if you bought a vehicle that’s too wide or long for where you want to store it?

Also, a test drive is a good chance to see how much stuff you can put into the vehicle (groceries, musical instruments, kids, etc.) before it feels cramped. Looking at pictures of a vehicle to see how much interior space there is doesn’t really match being able to actually try out the interior space in a practical, everyday way. See how groceries fit in it on your test drive. Do the kids you’d be driving around like their back seat or not? Is there “enough room?”

Another good reason to take a vehicle for a test drive before purchasing it is to try out its different features. You can see features in action, like the opening and closing of a sunroof/moonroof, the stereo system blasting your favorite song, and/or how well the defroster works if it’s a cold and icy day.

Because buying a vehicle is a big deal for most people, it only makes sense to test drive the one you plan to buy. In Lehighton, PA, the place to visit to find your next vehicle is 443 Auto Sales. Come take a look at the vehicles currently for sale at 443, and choose one to take for a test drive today. 443 Auto Sales is located at 2848 Blakeslee Boulevard. Call 570-386-0443 for info.

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