Why Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller is Risky

August 9th, 2018 443 Auto Sales
Used car with a for sale sign

One lady wanted a used car for her 16-year-old son to use to get to work and back. So she saw that her neighbor across the street had a “for sale” sign on his old Pontiac Grand Prix. After some negotiations, the lady bought it for just $600– a bargain, right? It didn’t turn out as hoped, though, because she later took it to her mechanic. He put it up on the lift and noticed the whole bottom of the car had rusted out! It was literally falling apart and totally unsafe to drive. This kind of thing happens a lot when people buy a used car from a private seller. It’s risky.

Private Sellers Don’t Have to Follow Strict Regulations

Why buy a used vehicle from a dealership, like 443 Auto Sales? For starters, dealerships have to follow state and federal rules and regulations– all of which are designed to protect buyers from getting bad deals. For those who buy from a private seller, they’re getting the vehicle “as is.” There could be a whole host of problems with it that aren’t discovered until it’s too late and the buyer ends up either having to pay for all sorts of repairs or… getting rid of the junker all together.

Dealerships Provide Warranties

Dealerships are important because they can provide warranties on vehicles. That way, if something goes wrong after the buyer acquires the vehicle, and it’s “covered under warranty,” the buyer’s repairs are taken care of without breaking his or her bank.

Accurate History Information

Meanwhile, dealerships often have better vehicle history information available than private sellers. For instance, dealerships use CARFAX, a service which details the history of a vehicle, indicating all sorts of key information about it, including whether it has been in an accident.

Buying from a private seller often involves more paperwork and more legwork because you’re “doing it on your own.” With a dealership, it’s more convenient because a whole bunch of vehicles are gathered in one spot to choose from, and the people who work there are used to completing all necessary paperwork such as registrations, titles and even plates.

If looking for a used car stresses you out and you’re leaning toward visiting a dealership rather than looking all around for various private sellers and what they might offer, visit 443 Auto Sales at 2848 Blakeslee Blvd. in Lehighton, PA. You can call 570-386-0443 for more info.


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