When Do You Need Transmission Fluid Flushed From Your Vehicle?

May 3rd, 2016 443 Auto Sales

Transmisson Fluid Your vehicle’s transmission is part of its drivetrain. It comes in automatic and manual versions and its primary role is to transfer power to the wheels and shift gears to keep up momentum.

When’s the last time you had your transmission flushed? Most mechanics recommend getting a transmission flush every 30,000 miles.

There are some telltale signs you might need a transmission flush.

Is your vehicle making strange sounds? Do you hear a grinding noise? If so, there could be a build-up of dirt and grease messing with your transmission and thus you need a flush. If you know where to check your transmission fluid, look and see if it’s brown or black in color– if so, you need a flush because it should be bright red.

Since the transmission deals with your vehicle’s gears, have you experienced any problems shifting gears lately? If you experience an unexplainable surging of your vehicle then chances are your transmission needs a flush. New, clean fluid can replace the dirty, contaminated fluid that’s causing your gears to slip or surge.

Finally, when a vehicle temporarily stalls for one or two seconds after having been put into gear, you might need a transmission flush.

In general, transmissions are sealed units that don’t leak fluid. However, if for some reason you find a bright red fluid (or brown) on your garage floor or in the parking spot you were just in, you should head to a mechanic quickly and have him or her take a look.

When the transmission is working properly, you should be able to drive with no problems shifting gears. The transmission allows the engine to run at the speed you want using the right amount of power needed to achieve that speed.

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