When Are the Best Times to Purchase a Used Vehicle?

September 19th, 2019 443 Auto Sales
Best Times to Buy a Used Vehicle

When is the best time to purchase a used car? The obvious main answer to that question is, “When I need one!” If your current vehicle is getting to the point where you don’t trust it will get you safely from point A to point B and it’s not worth it to you to pay for repairs, then it’s probably time to think about buying a used car to replace it.

Optimal Times

As for “when” you should purchase a used car, there are certain times of the month and year when there are especially good deals out there. Take, for instance, certain holidays where dealers seem to run great specials. These holidays include Veteran’s Day, Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), and Christmas Eve. Also, salespeople usually try to reach their sales quotas each month, quarter and calendar year. Therefore, think about purchasing a used car toward the end of the month, quarter or year!

Clear Days

Furthermore, good weather days are good days to buy cars. Good weather allows you to truly see the car you intend to buy, when it’s not covered in rain, ice or snow.


The “off-season” is also a good time to buy a car or truck. For instance, convertibles will be higher-priced before summer with the idea that people will want to buy them in time to enjoy during the summer months. But come October, convertibles aren’t as “in-demand,” right? Similarly, a four-wheel-drive SUV is going to be more in-demand right before the winter months. 

Dreary Days

Speaking of winter, you might be able to get a great deal when the weather is bad outside because fewer people want to shop for vehicles in the snow… so just like good weather is good for sales, bad weather could be, too. Ideally, the time around New Year’s is a smart time to purchase a used vehicle: it’s winter, it’s a holiday and it’s the end of the year!

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