Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car

April 19th, 2018 443 Auto Sales
Junking a Car

Some people like keeping their vehicle ‘til it’s “on its last leg.” That said, when is a good time to “junk” your car or truck?

If you’ve had the vehicle for what seems like forever, and you take it to a mechanic who tells you it needs costly repairs, it might not be worth fixing anymore. For instance, if the windows are broken, the seats are torn, weird smells are coming from places you can’t even determine, the locks don’t work, and you’re told it needs a new transmission, new brakes and new tires just to pass inspection, then it’s time to junk it.

Is the thing still safe? If it’s not, get rid of it. A lot of older, rusted, outdated vehicles just aren’t up to the safety standards of today.

Has the check engine light been on, and even though you’ve gotten it “fixed,” it’s back on, again? If the check engine light never seems to go off, it might be time to junk the thing.

Other reasons to junk a car or truck include changes in your household, such that you’ve acquired kids and you need a bigger vehicle, the vehicle is so rusted out that it has lost its integrity, and/or you’ve lost the title to the vehicle so now it’s illegal to sell it to someone else.

Here’s a Jeff Foxworthy-esque one: If the vehicle is being held together by duct tape, you might need a new car!

Finally, if you’ve tried to sell it and nobody wants it, then you might as well junk it. Hey, you tried selling it, but it just didn’t work out. That happens more often than you think!

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