Keeping Your Used Car In Tip-Top Shape

September 18th, 2013 443 Auto Sales

Used cars are a smarter buy than they ever have been, as modern technology is used to keep a detailed record of a vehicle’s health and history. With used vehicles, you can get a much better value without sacrificing much in the way of performance or reliability. It’s much more important to continue taking care of a quality used vehicle to ensure that it keeps on running for a long time. Here are a few tips for maximizing the longevity of a used car.


Use Quality Fluids – You wouldn’t quench your thirst and fuel your body with dirty water. Why treat your car any differently? Make sure your gas station has fuel that is clean and properly filtered at the pump. Change your oil regularly, and consult your mechanic and owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the perfect type of oil for your particular vehicle. Transmission, power steering, and brake fluid should all be replaced regularly and with the same level of care.


Be Proactive – Even if everything seems to be operating smoothly, regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic is never a bad idea. They may find a minor problem that could someday turn into a major one, saving you further damage as well as a good chunk of cash.


Drive Carefully – Taking it easy on your car is the simplest and easiest away to keep it running as long as possible. Accelerate and brake smoothly, especially at the beginning of your drive. Avoid potholes while cruising and curbs while parking. Keep the weight of objects in your vehicle at a minimum to reduce stress. Even heavier keys can have an effect, putting excess weight on your ignition.


Protect It From The Elements – Have your car washed and surface-treated regularly to prevent stains and rust. Park in the shade whenever possible to keep your paint job from fading in the sun. Don’t neglect the inside either, especially when dealing with leather seating or dirty passengers. Finally, winterizing and summarizing your car, especially the tires, can keep it running smoothly and add precious time to its life.


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