How to Choose the Right Used Car Dealership for Your Needs

October 15th, 2018 443 Auto Sales
Selecting a Dealership

In life, there are some big deals, like falling in love with another person, getting married, buying a house and/or buying a car. In all these situations, you want what’s best for yourself, right? With regards to buying a car, how can you choose the right dealership for your needs?

Generally, there are five main things to consider when choosing a dealership to work with: proximity, attitude, availability, service and price.


Proximity factors in which dealers are located close to where you live, work and play. For instance, it makes sense that you’d be open to visiting dealerships within a 40 mile radius of your house. Those who are “close by” are going to garner your attention more so than dealerships you have to drive over an hour to visit, right?


Next, attitude matters. What kind of “vibe” do certain dealerships give off in the community? What are they known for? Some dealerships take a relaxed attitude toward working with customers– like a “Club Med” party atmosphere in their showrooms, with comfy couches, cool music, and free popcorn. Others are “all business.” What kind of attitude goes well with your personality? Look for a dealership that seems like they’re “speaking my language”– a dealership that “gets me” is better than one that doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you, right? Right! Some customers will walk out of a dealership if they don’t like the attitude of a particular salesman or the “vibe” of a place. Fair enough.


How about availability? If the dealership has the kind of vehicles in stock that you’re looking for, great! If not, that could be a problem. Sure, they might be able to acquire what you want, but that could take time– time you might not have to wait. Some dealers offer a wide variety of stock and/or a massive amount of vehicles to choose from, while others… not so much. The more availability a dealership offers, the better they’ll do in the marketplace.


The process of selling and buying cars involves several people. Customers interact with salesmen and other personnel at a dealership, so you’re going to want to look for a dealership that puts a strong emphasis on offering superior customer service. If they’re committed to “going the extra mile” to “make the customer happy,” then you’ll want to work with them– otherwise, maybe not.


Finally, it often all comes down to price. How does a dealership price its vehicles for sale? Are they too high-priced for what the market can handle? Are they too cheap? Are they “just right?” Are they willing to negotiate and “give you a great deal?” If you can find a dealership that offers the vehicle you want for the price you want to pay, congratulations– that’s ideal!

Come see what 443 Auto Sales is like— and once you’re here, you’ll see for yourself whether or not this is the place where you want to buy your next vehicle. Of course, we hope you’ll enjoy the experience and it’ll be a good one.


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