How Many Miles Should You Get Out of Your Car

March 10th, 2014 443 Auto Sales

First time car buyers always want to know how many miles they can expect to get out of a car, especially if they are buying used. While there is not chart or recommended regulation to gain guidance from, there is one essential factor that every car owner should understand: you get out of the car what you put into it.


What that means is that your vehicle will last hundreds of thousands of miles as long as you are willing to properly maintain it. Oil and fluid changes on a regular basis are essential to increasing the vehicle’s longevity. Having it inspected every year is not only required, but an important part of identifying potential problems.


You should always consider what condition the vehicle is in when you decide to buy used. Is there rust? How are the brakes? Has anything already been replaced? Sometimes reports are available, or you can always inquire about the history of the used car with the dealer.


Staying on top of maintenance issues now can not only prolong the life of the car, but save you money overall. Instead of having to scrap an auto after just a couple years and having to buy all over again, plan a maintenance budget to invest directly into the car. This will make sure that your real investment, the automobile, will be reliable for much longer.


Is a used car with 100,000 miles or more worth the cost? It can depend on the current condition and how well the previous owner took care of the car.  The cars that were well taken care of often last for another 100,000 miles plus, assuming the new owner takes care of their end and performs routine maintenance on the vehicle.


How many miles should you get out of your car? The potential for any vehicle, provided it is maintained correctly, is unlimited.
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