5 Things to Look At When Buying a Used Car

June 29th, 2020 443 Auto Sales
Inspecting a Used Car

So you’ve made the decision to buy a used vehicle, but aren’t sure the things you need to evaluate to determine whether or not you’re buying a gem with a lot of life in it, or whether you’re buying a clunker you’ll regret purchasing in a month. As such, when you’re in the market for used cars, be sure to examine these things.

  • Check out the vehicle’s body. This is especially true in northern states, where salt from snowplow trucks could cause the vehicle to rust. You’ll also want to look for dents, scratches and mismatching paint that could suggest it’s been in a been in a serious accident. You’ll want to make sure each door, the trunk and the hood are easy to access and smoothly open and close.
  • You’ll also want to check out what’s going on in the inside, and make sure there is not a stinky aroma caused by water leaks or seats with torn upholstery that looks like they’ve seen better days.
  • In addition, you’ll want to make sure the previous owner has fluid levels up to date, a working battery, and that the hoses and belts underneath the hood are in place and functioning as they should.
  • You should also check the suspension to make sure the shock absorbers are working well…simply jump near the vehicle and make sure it isn’t moving up and down or making weird noises from shoddy wheel bearings and suspension joints.
  • Of course, a car is only as good its tires. Check to see how much tread is on the tires, and whether or not the tread looks the same on both sides. What’s more, look to make sure the rims are in good shape and that the spare tire is still there incase of a flat.


Those are just some of the different things you should look at when searching for a used car. Of course, your best bet is to go to a used car dealership where they make it their business to keep vehicles in their inventory in tiptop shape. If you’re in the Lehighton, PA area and need a used car, contact 443 Auto Sales.

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