Things to Remember When Going for a Test Drive

March 21st, 2018 443 Auto Sales
Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a Test Drive

Things to Keep in Mind When Going on a Test DriveWhat are some things to remember when test driving a vehicle?

Size It Up

First, pick out vehicles that “fit your size” well. A tiny car doesn’t make the most sense for a man who is over six feet tall and weighs more than 250 pounds. You’ll want to choose a vehicle that accommodates your body type appropriately, so you can be comfortable. Pay attention to how easy or hard it is to “get in and out” of the vehicle. Oh, and remember to measure the vehicle and your garage (if you have one) to see if it’ll fit in there properly. Some homes have small garages that cannot accommodate large trucks, for instance.

Drive on Familiar Roads

Next, when you do take the car or truck out for a spin, drive it on roads you’re familiar with, paying attention to any noises you do or don’t hear (road/wind/vehicle noise). Make note of the quality of the ride– does it feel smooth and easy or is it hard and bumpy? Some vehicles are designed to be more rugged while others are like riding on a bed or living room couch– so comfortable! It’s best to make your test drive at least 30 minutes long. Drive on various surfaces, take highways when possible, and if you go just as the sun goes down you’ll get the added bonus of seeing how the vehicle feels when it’s dark out, too.

Don’t Compare Apples and Oranges

You might be tempted to compare the vehicle with your old one. Everybody wants to do this, but be realistic. They’re apples and oranges. It’s better to compare new vehicles with other new vehicles. Most people test drive three or four vehicles before picking out “the one” they’ll ultimately take home.

Determine the Purpose

Consider who will use the vehicle and for what purposes. Some people use vehicles just to get from point A to point B, carrying around nothing. Others shove all sorts of stuff into their cars or trucks, from bikes to golf clubs and then some. Look around inside the vehicle to see whether or not it’ll meet your space needs. Oh, and if you plan to tow a trailer with your new purchase, you’ll want to make sure it can handle the weight load.

Play With the Bells and Whistles

As with any vehicle, you’ll want to play around with the “widgets.” Test out the radio. Utilize the navigation system if it has one. Does the reversing camera work well? Can Bluetooth be used to successfully make phone calls while driving? It’s always good to test out the “bells and whistles.”

Bring a Friend

Finally, bring along one or two others with you for the test drive. That way you can sit in the passenger seat as well as the back seat to test them out, too. Get your friends’ and family members’ opinions– how do they like or dislike the vehicle? These are some good tips to remember when test driving a vehicle.

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