The Demographics of Car Brands

July 18th, 2018 443 Auto Sales
Car Brands

Some people just seem to “fit” the kind of car, truck, SUV or minivan they drive, don’t they? Indeed, certain brands and styles appeal to certain people. At 443 Auto Sales, we sell a variety of brands.

Who are the “average” buyers of certain brands? If you go to this site, you’ll discover some interesting “psychographic” research that shows Nissan appeals to outgoing females, ages 40-50, who like dancing and have dogs as pets. What about Subaru? Those tend to be owned by feisty rural male democrats who drink Starbucks and listen to The Lumineers. How about Ford? Easygoing conservative males living in non-urban areas who like fishing and country music tend to buy Fords. Meanwhile, the Toyota brand’s typical buyer is an urban male about 50-years-old who listens to U2, has a bird for a pet, and eats at Chick-Fil-A. This is interesting, right? A lot of research has gone into finding out this information.

That online posting also said that Honda appeals to caring females, ages 40-50, who live in urban areas, lean left, and shop at Target. The Cadillac brand is likely going to be owned by a slightly conservative, “gentle” older male who plays golf and watches golf… and shops at Sam’s Club. How about Volvo? If you make $100K or more for your annual income, lean left, and are male, ages 45-65, living in an urban area, you might own a Volvo. Finally, consider the Jeep brand– it appeals to male urbanites, ages 45-64, who like NASCAR and own a dog or two as a pet. They’re middle-of-the-road politically and are known to have leadership qualities.

It’s really fascinating to discover various attributes of who buys what kind of brand, right? Think about it for yourself– are you a Chevy guy or gal, or do you prefer something different? What brands would you never drive– no way, no how?!

Everyone has their preferences, and that’s what makes life interesting… even when it comes to the cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans we drive. Find your next vehicle– the kind that “fits” you– at 443 Auto Sales.


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