How to Find Value When Shopping for a Used Car

September 19th, 2020 443 Auto Sales
Used Car Prices

Okay, so you have in your mind that you’re ready to look for a used car or truck. What do you do? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably go online and do some research. This is a good idea. From the comfort of your computer or device, you can see what’s “out there,” and read about features, prices and more.

Stick to a Budget

Ideally, you’ll look for a vehicle that’s in your price range. If you have a lot to spend, price isn’t a big deal– but if money is tight, you will probably have limited options.

Basically, if you’re “on a budget,” you want a car that’ll start in the frigid Pennsylvania winter and get you where you want to go (and back home) without any mechanical issues. You’d also like one that’s fairly new, gets good gas mileage, and looks nice, right?

Find Re-Designed Models

When shopping for a used car or truck, look for models that were recently redesigned. If the used model looks different than the new model, prices will tend to be lower. Also, if you’re shopping for a hybrid with  a gas-engine counterpart, look for a four or five year old model– these hybrids hold their value for the first three years and then… you get them for better deals!

Timing is Important 

Great deals tend to be had when the weather is bad outside for weeks on end (think January in PA) or at the end of the month.

In Leighton, PA, 443 Auto Sales sells reliable and affordable used cars. Call us at 570-386-0443 and we’ll help you find a used vehicle that’s in your budget.

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